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Today, my daughter Julianne (Jules) turns 25. A quarter of a century has flown by. She shares her birthday with her grandmother, my mom, who passed away a few years back. Here are some favorite pics:

Here I am trying to teach Jules to give the finger and say “F-it”! I am such a good dad!

Jules and her best friend Lauren and their first day of kindergarten.

A self portrait that Julie drew.

A hike we took at Havre de Grace. Always a favorite photo.

Julie in Paris.


And most recently Colorado with Lauren. They were on hiatus from each other for a while, but now back to hanging out together. Kid sure has done a lot!!

And let’s not forget my mom. This would be Easter and I believe we were at Druid Park? My sister Betty, me and brother Bob.

My mom always wanted to take a cruise so I took her to Bermuda. It was a wonderful time.

A cake for Julianne and a birthday wish for my mom. Happy Birthday!!