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First kayak adventure of the season at Delaware’s Trap Pond State Park in Delaware. It usually costs us $8 to park at the boat launch. This year we decided to go ahead and get a yearly, out-of-state permit (for seniors) since we like hiking, biking and kayaking there. The permit covers all state parks in Delaware except Fort Delaware State Park and Pea Patch Island.

Water was calm. And since it was a very nice day weather wise, there were a few people on the water. We paddled a little over 3 miles.

As usual there were a lot of turtles sunning themselves.

Into the cypress swamp. Arrows pointing the way to Terrapin Branch. On Google maps this is called Thompson Branch.

Flowers already in bloom on the lily pads.

Looking at me looking at him.

Google Lens app says this is a Yellow Crowned Night Heron? Not sure.

Some ducks, some snakes and a heron.

A wonderful day to be out kayaking. Thanks God!