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In May 2008 the Mayor of Baltimore had a program called the “Innovation Bank” This was a program that allowed City Employees to make suggestions on how the City could save money. The winner could win up to $5,000.00 for their idea.

The first idea that popped into my mind was to end Fluoridation of the drinking water supply. Back then the over-all savings to the City would have been $670,000.00 a year. Today it is closer to one million a year. After about a month of waiting for a reply to my proposal, I called the Mayor’s Office and was told – “Yeah, she saw it” (Was that a snicker I heard in her assistant’s voice?)

Today I received an email from a woman who had started a campaign a couple years ago to end fluoridation of Baltimore’s Water. It said: Breaking news:  The resolution/bill to study water fluoridation is being introduced TODAY at the City Council meeting, in City Hall, 5pm.  You are all welcome to attend; however, there is no actual action taking place today except that the bill will be read off a list as being officially introduced.  Exciting!  And now: Its on.  Time to start prepping for a hearing about 6 weeks from now.

This is great news! I could list all the reasons WHY we should have stopped (or not started at all) but I will let the experts tell you. For me, my dislike for the poison came my first week on the job in 1981 when I was asked to work on the fluoride pumps and saw how the leaking acid ate thru the metal stand and concrete base. I thought to myself – this stuff can’t be good for you! You can read what the experts say here:


Below is a photograph showing when Baltimore first started using fluoride

Fluor 11-52