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Happening tomorrow! Loch Raven is nice but I liked the one at Prettyboy Dam a couple years ago, only because I got to go to the bottom-insides of that dam.


You will get to walk out here. This use to be open all the time, now only open to the public on special occasions.

Ask your tour guide who is responsible for closing these gates during the 100 year storm?? Enquiring minds want to know!

Looking upstreams from the old dam to the new.

This is what it looked like after the storm of 2011. Lots of water going over the crest.

This is the 1880 dam during the same storm.


There will be tours of the lime kilns by Jim Kelly, who will be giving away copies of my book (Might as well give them away – nobody buys them anymore!) (That’s ok, a good cause) This photo was from 2006

VolunteersĀ started clearing the weeds back in 2011.


Jim and company have had a lot of work done to the kilns. He will be giving a presentation on the 3 different kilns, talking about their history.

He will also be talking about this house, which has been restored.

PP236.1693A Loch Raven. Balancing reservoir. Throwing shaft over

Thom Grizzard will be giving a tour of this area. Where the old balancing reservoir and shaft are. No sense in bringing your bathing suit – it no longer looks like this. It is grown over. The volunteers have cleared a lot of the trails around here – making exploration of Cromwell Valley Park a lot of fun!