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Friday we went to Kathy’s parents down the Eastern Shore. It is always nice to spend time with her family. They treat me like family. After a few hours of chores, time for dinner and relaxing. Saturday we headed down to Ocean City. Went early enough to beat most of the holiday traffic. 

The Easter Bunny was there, taking carriage rides with visitors.

Started our walk at the Life Saving Museum.

Not a bad crowd for Easter weekend. I know them three ladies! The inlet and other municipal lots have a new system of charging for parking. Seems like it is going to be a pain, having to remember you license plate # and it is going to be expensive – but today it was free. People were still feeding the new meter. OC must have made a ton of money on Saturday. New meters went into effect on Sunday.

While Kathy, her sister and mom headed to some shops, I headed to the water. You have got to touch the ocean while there! The fishing pier.

The inlet from the jetty. After the storms a couple weeks ago, they said this sand bar was sticking 20+ feet into the channel. 

Looking south from the pier, towards the jetty.

Looking north. This sandbar went under the pier. 

Heading back to the Boardwalk. The last time we were here, they had just started painting the water tank. Looks good.

So back to the farm and after some chores, I decided to take a hike around the property. The farm next door, the guy has cut a lot of trees down and deepened his storm water trench. Merrill says the guy plans to plant pines back there.

Nice green color. Lots of water throughout the woods. 

Woodpecker condo?

No car or truck research today.

Looking through the trucks engine compartment to another car.

Car from another view.

This one does say Cosmopolitan.

Nice dash.

Left the car cemetery and thought I could take a path not taken before – too much water. I did have my water proof boots on but this was a little deep and muddy. Private property on the right and water on the left.

Headed back and took another trail. (Lots or trails back there. Merrill does a great job keeping them clear). A new sniper stand. 

Hit another pool of water so I cut across and found this path. 

Am I laying on my back, looking up? Or is this tiny house laying on its back?

Passing the little house, I see an open field and a fairly large storm water ditch and these two guys. They didn’t see me for a couple minutes and I just stood there watching them. Always a peaceful feeling to see nature at her best.

After a couple minutes of watching, I turned the corner and these three were on the other side of the ditch. After posing for a couple pics, they took off.

This fence heads to the road, but I wanted to head back to the farm through the woods. 

But unfortunately I hit more water. I was going to follow my path back the way I came but Kathy texted me and wanted to know if I was alright? It was about 2 hours of hiking and enjoying nature! 

I followed the above fence to the road, and came across an old farm. Being a guest at some ones home, I thought it best not to trespass to get a better look. 

This is the path my Not-So-Smart phone said I took. (Just watched a show about a girl who followed her smart phones directions and ended up lost in the desert for a few days)

And this is my path, I shall follow this path, come what may. And here I will find peace.