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Here lately i have been so busy working on multiple houses, I lose track of time, to work on my blogs. Here are some random photos from over the last month or so.

At Kathy’s parents house, a bunch of turkeys were in the field.

I decided to go over to the deer blind (sniper tower), to see if I could get a better view. This guy was watching me.

Stopped at Terrapin Park one weekend. Spotted this guy along the path to the Bay.

On shore were some guys and dolls.

Molly not too happy about going swimming with me. Kathy asked if I have ever swam in the Chesapeake Bay before? I don’t think I have?

Went to Merriweather to see David Byrne. On stage, the opening act.

Walked around a bit. It has been about 32 years since I was last here. Saw Robert Palmer – Addicted to Love tour. Place looks different. Various sculptures around.

From a distance, I thought this was a statue of a football player.

Sun going down and time to head to our seats.

These next photos Kathy took of the band. I gave up long ago with my camera. I couldn’t get focused.

Another shot. Another song.

And the house that will soon be our home, thanks to the Culver’s.