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Saturday was a nice day for a hike, so we thought we would end our year hiking somewhere new. This will be our last hike of the year. We decided to hike the Gunpowder Falls, in a section neither of us have been to. Loch Raven Blue Trail off of Merryman’s Mill Road. We hiked to the Overshot Point and back. A little over two miles, but we spent a couple hours enjoying the sun and trail. AllTrails says we walked further, but I doubt it! This would be pretty damn good if it was true! 

Not a lot of parking at the trail, so get there early. By the time we left, the lot was full.

Some spots were wet. Mostly a rocky, rain-runoff-ditches terrain.

Not sure who R.C. Dye is but they have their own sign.

Other than some debris in the reservoir, the trail was clean. We never take in more than we can carry out – leaving only our foot prints and our love of nature.

The Blue Trail goes all the way up the hillside then cuts over to the power lines. We like hiking along the river, so we found a log and crossed over one of the many streams. Molly not too happy about that.

I always liked these alien writings on the logs.

And I am so glad we went off the trail like we did! Otherwise we may have missed this! 

Another view:

While at work I will try to find an old property map to tell me who this structure belonged to. It appears to be a nice size house.

I think someone lost a Christmas wreath.

Taking the Blue Trail, we probably would have missed the Overshot Point. Nice view of the upper reservoir.

Windy, causing the waves to lap at the shore.

The geese, hanging on a rock.

Kathy and Molly, hanging on the shore.

My turn to enjoy and reflect on my upcoming retirement. (If you could only see the grin on my face!!)

Time to head back. Our contribution to Art in the Park – acorn tops placed like fairy houses on the tree shrooms.

Nice roots.

I like walking in the winter because you get to see things that were hidden by all the growth of summer. We probably would have not seen the remains of that house in the summer. Sometimes in winter hiking, everything looks so desolate, but then you come across a burst of color and get to enjoy the beauty of the moment.

This was our last hike of 2018. I look forward to our first hike of 2019 – Calvert Cliffs!

Thanks God for another year of hiking!