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Off to Assateague we go. First the National Park side on the bay and then the State Park. Glad we got passes when we did.

Boardwalk to the bay side. 

Molly always enjoys the beach.

Except when she heads onto the grasses. The seaweed wasn’t bad but behind where Kathy is sitting is all sand-burs. Played hell getting them out of her paws.

Crushed shells.

The beauty of drift wood.

The shoreline at one time was full of cacti. It is slowly eroding away.

Like pulling mussels from a shell…

A petrified snapping turtle eating a thorn stem…well, that’s what it looks like to me!

We will always miss our little house at #Cromwellvalleypark, but we now have the Naturalist Shack!

Egret off in the distance. A couple seagulls landed on his/her little island. Hope they don’t try snatching any eggs!

No prompting from us – I think it helped soothe her sore feet.

Oh jeez Molly!! Glad we brought a lot of poop bags!!

Love retirement!!

Ocean side of the parks, before the crowds.

Ocean City in the far off distance.

Another day doing what we love. Did see some ponies but we enjoy ALL that nature and life has to offer!!

Thanks God.