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After Cypress Park we headed to Ocean City for some lunch. Bikes, dogs and walkers. Dogs and bikes thru May 1st I believe. Humans anytime.

New construction going on. Looks like bollards? 

Yes they are. Kathy said she once rode her car up on the boardwalk years ago.

Favorite art store. Bought Paul McGehee’s Old Baltimore at Twilight here a few years back.

Here is our postcard to you!

Time for lunch. Call me un-American, but I really do not like vinegar on my fries. At least there is not the usual summer wait in line.

Although, being retired and down the ocean, time is not important. This clock has been in this same position for a long time…

Kathy taking a risk holding up her fries like that – when seagulls attack!

The empty haunted house.

Walked up to the end. To the left is where we were the other day – at Assateague. 

Scene from Final Destination #3..

Kathy’s pic of the Ferris wheel. Nice.

Time to head onto the beach.

Then under the fishing pier.

What is your favorite one – Surf City by Crack the Sky or Surfer Girl by the Beach Boys? 

The North Easterly Easter Bunny.

Another great adventure. Happy Happy.