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Nice day out Sunday so we headed out to go hiking. Our first stop was Trap Pond State Park in Laurel Delaware. They wanted $8 to get in?? They wouldn’t accept our Maryland State Pass nor our National Park Pass. And you would think it being Memorial weekend veterans could get in free! Nope! Not that we didn’t have the money – it was the principal. Maryland has lots of parks we can go to so we headed down Rte 13 to Leonards Mill Park. Their Website says they have a hiking trail – they don’t! It’s more of a visitor information center and park.

Kathy went in to get some info brochures.

I checked out the view.

We knew there is a boat launch in here somewhere, so we looked for that. Nice little bridge. some kids fishing down stream.

Sluice gates need adjusting.

Found the boat ramp. Get in here and head under the bridge to a larger pond. Looking forward to that.

The visitor center folks said we could hike at a park on Naylor Mill Road. So we headed there next. It is called the Henry Parker Sports Complex. Lots of mens slow pitch softball going on here. It has a trail, but it looks more like a mountain bike course.

The trail(s) [multiple switch-backs] were not marked for hiking with hash marks. We just headed towards the opposite area of the ball fields. Below the hill where Kathy is, is Leonard Pond Run. Couldn’t really get to it.

There were a lot of frogs on the trail.

More of the bike course.

Short hike but enjoying nature. Old growth trees.

The layers just peal away and fall to the ground.

Back to the car and Molly now has her own Yeti Tumbler. Spoiled dog!

Lesson for today – investigate where it is you are going before you go! Still a great day to be out. Thanks God.