Lots of “First time doing this” since moving to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Merrill asked me to help him cut the grass in a small cemetery in the middle of a cornfield. Of course we had to wait for the farmer to cut down the corn before we did this.

I like old cemeteries and the history they represent. The older the dates, the better. This one has a historic informational plaque on it.

The oldest headstone that I found was from 1860.

I could never be a genealogist – too many of the same names for me. There are two different Polly’s here.

Not to mention, Elijah had a ‘Consort’? Her name was Esther.

And then I see this, which at first I laughed at (Who names their kid POT?) Hey, it looked like a kid sized marker to me! It appears to be another marker for Polly O?

Here is some info I found on the internet concerning this cemetery. Wicomico County list every cemetery within its border. 22 pages worth. A lot of them belong to families and businesses.


This cemetery is on the north side of Union Church Road about half-way in between its intersection with Jackson Road and that with Oakland School Road and about 200 yards away from the road in a field. It is nicely kept and in good shape and can be seen in Nutters District near the house of W.W. Toadvine on the 1877 maps. The transcription was provided by our friend Mike Hitch. Thanks, Mike!

Polly O. Toadvine
wife of Elijah Toadvine

Elijah Toadvine
Jun 16 1800
Jul 1 1873

consort of Elijah Toadvine
May 13 1800
May 9 1863

Peter McDaniel
Feb 26 1851
Feb 3 1924

Esther C. McDaniel
Oct 12 1861
Jul 9 1900

McGrath (one stone w/3 names as follows)
Thomas 1826-1890
Polly Toadvine 1828-1884
Elijah W. son of Thomas and Polly 1851-1931

James Toadvine
Jun 21 1829
Sep 28 1887

Rachel Jane Toadvine
Nov 16 1831
Aug 2 1899

Joseph Toadvine
son of James and Rachel Toadvine
died 1901, age 29 years