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Met to discuss the plans for the anniversary – a lot of events are being lined up. Two have to do with boats and water. Rec and Parks wants to have “Boating on the Lake” where attendees can get in a kayak or canoe and go out onto the lake. The lake is pretty big. The road around it is 1.3 miles.

Another event is for the Model Yacht Club to hold some demonstrations. When the water plant opened, all the way to the beginning of WWII the water engineer and the politicians battled it out over allowing model boat sailing on one of our lakes. We have two. The engineer had no qualms about letting people know how much he did not want the boats on either lake. Finally, the boat people won. When WWII broke out and security tightened around the water plant – no more boaters (I think the engineer started that war, just to have a reason to stop them!) On a few occasions, the engineer purposely sent the lake to drain – oops! sorry, forgot you guys were coming this weekend!

boatlake3b boatlake1b

The below photograph is where the party will be. The small lake to the right is where the model yachts use to sail…