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The Walbrook Testing Plant gathered information on sewage disposal. The Eastern Ave Pumping Station would pump Baltimore’s sewage to a newly built Sewage Treatment Plant at Back River. (For the most part, the sewage of Baltimore would flow by gravity to Back River except in the area downtown, near City Hall. This area is below a sufficient elevation to allow the sewage to flow on its own, or the shit is just deeper in City Hall)

An Outfall Sewer was built from the Eastern Ave Pumping Station to Back River, connected by force mains and interceptors. The contract for the Outfall Sewer was divided into 10 sections.

Below is section #3, showing what I consider a few points of interest: The Baltimore Brick Company to the right, which means this is looking west on Monument street. Making the house in the far off right on Edison Highway – Loney’s Lane. After the new Edison Highway bridge was built, I grew up in that area, west of the road. I was told as a kid to not play under the bridge because of there being quicksand on the other side. This area is now occupied by a covered-over landfill. Armco steel was in the vicinity for years, taking over a cemetery on the west side of Edison. I do remember the Brick Company. They had sample walls built along Edison, showing the types of bricks they manufactured. Bocek Park was there also.