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When the sewer system was to be built, a separate and independent storm water collection system was also constructed. This seemed to work fine in the early parts of the 1900s, but as the City grew, problems arose and this is what happened next:

1948 Annual Report – It has been recognized that the technology of storm drainage design could be improved if a better experimental background were established to guide the designer. To accomplish this purpose, the City together with the Baltimore County Metropolitan District and the State Roads Commission of Maryland have agreed to jointly sponsor a Storm Water Research Program to be conducted at the Johns Hopkins University.

1959 Annual Report – A Parshall flume was installed in the vicinity of the outlet of a 48” drain at the east side of Hillen Road south of Argonne Drive in order to measure the amount of run-off from a shopping center (Northwood) type of drainage area. Both rainfall and run-off data for this area are collected by automatic recording devices.

1965 Annual Report –  The Storm Water Research Program is in its 17th year (and still no results mentioned)

I found the structure where this site was located on our property. I sent off an email to Johns Hopkins University to see what became of the report. You would think that a study conducted for 17 years would have a report. The Environmental Engineering section and others have no clue what happened to that study?? 077

This is the structure where the recording equipment was stored. The door is padlocked but I was able to stick my camera under it to see what is in there – nothing but an old recording device.P1060414

Here is the guy that was guarding itP1060418

This is the 48″ drain from the Northwood shopping center.

I was looking for historical information on this study but at the same time, the plant was receiving complaints that the Montebello Lake had a green tint to it. Besides the processes inside the plant, this is the only other source of water that empties into the lake. The lab is now analysing the water to see what caused the discoloration.