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Report of the Low Level Division, Kenneth Allen, Engineer: Section One begins at the Sewerage Pumping Station at President St and Eastern Ave. and extends through President street to Pratt street, and thence westerly to Center Market Space, crossing under Jones Falls on the north side of the Pratt street bridge. General notes on construction. The excavation in general was through a dark material containing particles of sand which appears to be a compacted deposit of mud, with clay, sand, fullers’ earth, gravel and quicksand in places. Gravel was usually found at or near sub-grade, and where this or other firm material was absent the material was excavated and refilled with gravel. Near Pratt street and West Falls avenue, where the depth to sub-grade was some 23 feet, a fine running sand was encountered above sub-grade, which made progress slow and difficult. Previous to excavation, the corner of the four-story brick dwelling on the corner of West Falls avenue was hung by 5 sets of needle beams and twenty 8-ton jacks. Section Two: This section extends from Pratt street and Center Market Space to Pratt and Light streets. The diameter of the sewer is 74 inches throughout the section.

005-119Section #1 Center Market Place showing supports to conduits in foreground and supports to large conduits leading to United (?) & Electric company Power House.


Section #2 Backfilling from Carson Trench Machine.


Section #1 Cofferdam for going under the Jones Falls at Pratt Street.