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Whenever I get a break from my normal job, checking on the contractors, I continue with my research and documentation of museum archives. Today I scanned a box of 5″ x 8″ photographs that had no markings or descriptions. I gave them my own, only so I know what is in the box. Each box comes with an electronic index after scanning.


So this guy gets worked on, sitting on a wooden chair in what appears to be a closet.


And this person gets a nice dentist office. Hmmm…wonder why?


Nurses posing. One in back right looks a little psycho to me.


Nurses posing again, this time with patients. Two of which are posing themselves. Not sure what two nurses on right are doing?


A segregated ward no doubt. In my one book from 1935-1940 I mention about the blacks having a black doctor and the whites having a white one. For posing purposes I guess these guys get white ones (or was there no black doctors then at City Hospital?)


The only caption I could think to give this photo concerns torpedo tubes or pressure cookers??


I wonder what malady this person has/had, that needs this many doctors??


A little odd. A hand wearing a ring on the desk and what looks like a nose hanging on the wall??


Bureau of Liens. Poster asks that you pay your taxes promptly