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After our vacation to the Eastern Shore, we returned to one of our favorite kayaking spots – Dundee Creek. My first time there was to paddleboard. I did not like that at all. Just couldn’t find my center of balance and I kept falling off. The following week, Kathy showed me about kayaking. I had never done that before. I enjoy it immensely! So peaceful and relaxing. Dundee Creek merges with Saltpeter Creek and then into the Gunpowder River and then onto the Chesapeake Bay.


Before heading out to open water, we always like to head into the cove. Calm waters that dead-end at a stream and bulkhead.


As many times that we have been here, neither one of us noticed this little opening.


Nice and quiet. Looks like some logs up to the right.


I went up and moved them out of the way.


Kathy was then able to pass under the trees, along the shoreline.


Once through, I let Kathy go first – you know, in case there were alligators, wild boars or Adrienne Barbeau.


We found our own little cove. Not very big but nice.


After a while there, we headed out towards Marshy Point. This is the Marshy Point Osprey Cam. It is shut down now – the osprey have all headed south. This is fun to watch when they come back. So is the Osprey Cam on the Chesapeake Bay.


Favorite little foot bridge at Marshy Point Nature Center.


Under the bridge we go.


After the bridge and spending time watching life in the marsh, we headed back to the marina. Water was getting a little choppy. Duck blind.