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For many years I had been told by family members that ‘we’ are part American Indian. I was even told what tribe we were part of – Delaware. Friends and co-workers told me that I ‘looked’ Indian. I was even given the nickname Cochise at work for a few years. I get really dark in the summertime and back then I had a ponytail.

But then, Ancestry DNA happened. Come to find out, I’m probably one of the whitest white boys you’ll ever meet! Who knew! So I started doing the research through the Ancestry site and there is a lot of interesting information out there. Most notably, one relative of mine was the owner of Congress Hall here in Baltimore, where the second Continental Congress met (1776-1777). (Henry Fite). It burned down during the Great Fire of 1904.

So this is me. There is a lot of research to do yet on my family history. I often wonder what the hell they were thinking back then with the naming of the children? More times than not I wonder what other researchers are thinking when they add people to their family trees – Example: One person has listed that a parent of a relative was 10 when they had their daughter? All that is just to say that you need to be careful what you add to your own tree. Look at dates. And now, I can look at my ethnicity thru the DNA.

Who knew??