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Before Salisbury had a zoo, it had a lake – Lake Humphreys, which was created by the building of a dam in 1743. On May 28, 1909 the dam gave way and the lake went dry. Or actually it turned into a mud flat. And it sat like that for a while until the City Park was built, This included building a zoo.

It was a nice day out Saturday and Kathy says “Let’s go to the zoo!” So we did –

Jumped in the car, took a couple back roads and came across these guys. They were kind of far away and I didn’t have my good camera with me. After a while on the side of the road we started heading back to the highway. Me: Where we going? Kathy: To the zoo. Me: I thought that was the zoo?? Duh…

So into Salisbury we go. The City park is really nice. Nice family atmosphere with walking trails, picnic areas, horse shoes, etc. This is what you get for being the Director of Public Works for only 4 years. A bronze propeller.

Nice walking trails around the park.

The zoo. It is free and it wasn’t until we got back to Kathy’s parents house that I was told there is a donation box there. I didn’t see it.

This guy has some sort of attention disorder. He couldn’t stop looking up over the wall to see what was going on.

Not much you can say about this guy other than magnificent.

One thing I’ve never liked is seeing eagles caged up.

Acting up for the camera.


Where’s John Waters??

These two guys share this spot with a bird, who keeps shitting on them…one day the bird will be in their jaws, wondering, well how did I get here?

Did a complete loop around the park and ended up at this little dam. I imagine the sluice gates are to allow water down stream if the level drops below the top of the dam. Nice walk in the park.