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Hard to believe my daughter is 24. For her birthday she wanted to go to the zoo but because of the nasty weather, we went to the Aquarium instead. it is always a good time with her, Kevin and Kathy.

Kevin, Jules and their new friend – the sloth (couldn’t see the one inside, he was way up in a tree sleeping for 22 hours).

Non-stop raining outside. The USS Torsk. Didn’t it use to have shark teeth painted on the front?

Top of the stairs, everyone wants their photo taken here. I did like the layout of the aquarium, you just follow a path thru the building and you pretty much get to see everything, except of course when the bratty little kids just bust right on thru putting their grubby little hands all over the windows.

So now I see a problem – when smart phones came out I refused to use one as my camera. God made phones for a reason, cameras for another. Well, this photo was taken with a point and shoot that I bought specifically for taking pics thru glass.

And here is one from my daughter’s iPhone! I just may have to sell all my cameras, laptop and every other device to get one of these!

Moving on…this reminded me of kayaking at Dundee Creek for some reason.

Turtle floating about.

I didn’t even notice this guy until someone pointed him out to me.

Another great shot my daughter took.


Nice colors and reflections on top the water, looking up from underneath.

This guy is starting to collect some algae.

Here is one of the oldest residents at the Aquarium.

Him and the three legged sea turtle have been here since the aquarium opened.

Calypso the sea turtle getting fed.

Sitting, watching, waiting…

Nice colors.

What a life.

Quite a variety of underwater plant life.

Julie petting a ray.

Overhead display.

Kevin and Julie. It is unbelievable how my daughter looks now compared to back in November, when she had a tumor removed. Thanks God.

Domino Sugar Hon.

J for Jules.

Back to the house for some cake – Tres Leches (Milk Cake). Thanks Kathy for making!