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From our trip in May. Forgot to post!

This side of the island was pretty beat up. They had a hurricane I believe back in October.

Not to be ones to follow the beaten path, we headed east to the end of the road. Hoping to get to climb this lighthouse.

The guard told us ‘no’ but said she would take our photograph. Damn Tourist!

We headed back to the tourist area. Nice shops.

Headed back west on Sea Horse Rd. and onto the beach. Place was deserted. A lot of people still hadn’t rebuilt from the hurricane. The main attraction, the casino, was still closed.

More closed buildings. And an empty beach.

Hope this didn’t come off of our ship!

A glimmer of life after the storm.

Back on board, Kathy’s island souvenirs attacked the towel elephant.

Repair work to the Disney Cruise ship.

The Carnival Elation pulled into port.

Kind of reminds me of Baltimore.

Busy unloading containers.

I think this is where tankers load/unload? From above, there are a bunch of fuel storage tanks on shore near here.

Whatever this is, it was moving at a fast clip.