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Little Italy in Baltimore. I did not see a lot of advertisement for this event, which was a shame since there was such good art work here. And food. We ate at Sabatino’s afterwards, followed by Vaccaro’s pastry shop.

High Street was blocked off for this event.

Betsy Ross.

Lots of work and patience to do these.

This will probably be a great 3-D effect when done.

I think this guy didn’t get the memo about it being Chalk. Smelled like spray paint to me!

We looked at her portfolio. She has done a lot of great pieces over the years.

I really couldn’t see the 3-D effect on a lot of theses…

…even while standing where I was told to.

Nice color on this one. Amazing some of these came out so good considering the texture of the asphalt.

Nice. I saw this one upside down at first and wasn’t sure what is was.

Left over from the City Lights Festival.

The party is over, until next time.