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I’d like to thank https://kayakingdelmarva.com/ and Bill Gross from Facebook for telling me about this place. It was really, really nice. Kathy says it is second only to Assateague Island kayaking. I believe she is right! The map below shows our route. I would say it was more like 5 miles total (we did zigzag around a bit on the way up but took a straight shot back) We were there for about four hours.

According to Google Maps, we were in 3 different counties. The ramp is in Caroline. Once we crossed to the other side of the creek we were in Talbot. Then heading north, zig-zagging back and forth in Queen Anne’s. Not sure exactly how far we went because Kathy’s phone lost the location signal. I do know that a plane doing somersaults over our heads was somewhere heading towards Ridgely Airfield. I know we weren’t that far up.

The boat ramp. Nice little secluded area. A man and his son were fishing there and two girls were swimming.

I found this painted rock in Baltimore and brought him for the ride. Left him on the bench to be found and enjoyed by another. When we came back 4 hours later he was gone – tossed in the water! I rescued him! And found 2 others that I just left on the ramp.

Heading under Main St. Don’t forget to duck.

I see you. A lot of times Kathy and I will drift off in different directions. I went into this little cove to check things out.

Next is the first railroad bridge.

Those are some old trees.

There were a lot of trees down in this creek. It was a giant obstacle course. Lots of underwater limbs you have to look out for. But it was fun!

Route 404. It sure is taking the state a long time to finish this road.

The next RR Bridge.


Tarzan swing.

Underneath the power lines is this diesel tank and pump?

The changing of the leaves. Fall is coming early to Tuckahoe Creek. It will be so nice to come back here in the fall!

Kathy getting a close up of a flower. Her phone takes better pics than my camera.

Inside the flower.

This thing jumped up on her kayak and she started beating it with her paddle! Actually, she retrieved it out of the water and wanted to keep it. I broke it when I dropped it in the grass – sorry…

This was a point where Kathy went to one side of the island and I stayed the course. Was able to duck under this.

It was unbelievable the number of turtles we saw.

Upstream a little farther, another tree in the way. Kathy doing the limbo.

Little hands on shore. We did get out to look around some. It is very muddy. Took a while to scrub the kayaks later on.

This became the end of our journey north. Probably could have went under it, but we were already at 2-1/2 hours.

Blockage on the other side of the creek.

A friend of Donald Sutherland?

Heading back with a different perspective.

Come on Fall!!

Wonder if Baxter wrote this and if Kaci said yes?

Not a lot of visible wildlife. A couple hawks showed up and this guy and the turtles and little fishies in the water.

Almost there. I really enjoyed this adventure. All the colors and reflections.

I am soooo glad I didn’t see this before going in the water. I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself thinking I was going to be towed or fined!