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Headed to Crisfield for dinner on Saturday night, to celebrate John and Gail’s anniversary. Always a good time with Kathy’s family. First stop was the dock or maybe it is just a fishing pier?

Memorial Day weekend and the flags are flying.

Looking across Daugherty Creek towards Tangier Sound and the Chesapeake Bay.

Kathy enjoying the peace and solitude. Stars overhead. 

A moral compass or a navigational one? Needs directions.

Is that someone’s house all the way out there?

Dinner time. The soft shell crab sandwich was excellent! The sauteed soft shell crabs, not so much. But overall a very nice restaurant. Glad to have been invited to what was traditionally a father-daughters eatery! Thanks Merrill. 

The family.

Random shot of a water tower – because this post is about water and me!

Got home in time for the deluge. Molly says to go ahead and she will catch up!