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A nice little hike we took last month. A little over a mile and a half. The green highlight is our path; from Belair Rd. to Harford Rd. and back. Use caution once you get to Harford Rd. to cross over the bridge. People are flying down that road and approach a curve. It is hard to be seen.


From the parking lot on Belair Rd. we head under the bridge.003

Additional graffiti is added every year. And yes we do – 005

A nice pattern for the walkway under the bridge.006

Looking towards Harford Rd.008

The trail. I have nothing against Mountain Bikers, as long as they are on a trail that I am not on, but quite a few act like they have the right of way on these narrow spots – you don’t! Common courtesy is the rule of the day.014

Across the Falls.018

A sandbar up ahead.019

Time to look for some river glass.023

Not much glass but Kathy found this. Possible arrowhead?028

Lots of debris in the Falls – lots of rain all summer. Molly looking for a way around it.045

A pond off to the side of the Falls, before Harford Rd.052

A foot bridge over the stream that feeds the pond.054

After crossing over the bridge at Harford Rd. we head back. This path is pretty narrow. In all the years I have hiked the Gunpowder Falls, I have never taken this path for some reason? Kathy practicing her dance moves.064

Rot inducing pathogens or fungus, whichever you prefer.074

Looking thru a leaf to see what I can see…081

Heading to Belair Rd. the path swerves north along the road a few hundred yards before you can climb up and over. Belair Rd. is a 4 lane highway at this point. Speed limit, well doesn’t matter, people again are flying by…082