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What a great day my birthday was yesterday! I just might have to start celebrating being 29 every year! Kathy was helping her friend Sandy at a conference/workshop for Kennedy Krieger down the ocean and I was to meet them for dinner, but they said I should come down at lunch time. So after sanding and touching up the floor and two doors on the house, off I went.

We ate at Dough Rollers and then headed to Springfest. It is a craft show held every year at the inlet parking lot.

Kathy and Sandy.

Kathy and I.

Lite crowd which is my favorite.

Nice crafts. One of my Baltimore favorite artist was not here – Charlene Clark. 

But someone I do know was there. Ron from Jaded Love. I’ve known him and his wife Lisa for 25 or more years.

After some roaming around the fest for a while, we headed to the beach. That water tower made the front page of the local paper. It was just painted and is now peeling. Probably another low-bid contract.

One of the functions of my photo edit tools is called ‘Memories’. My memory must be shot because I don’t remember the fishing pier ever looking like this.

Oh my God! Look at this cute couple with their pants rolled up, heading into the water!!

That is some cold water! There were a couple kids swimming! Kathy asked if I had ever stood in the surf on my birthday before? I came to OC on May 3, 1972 to work, but don’t remember being crazy enough to get my toes wet. I did however stand in the water on May 8, 2015 when I came here to find my friend Eric’s grave.

Sandy’s turn. Wave dancers.

Headed back to the boardwalk towards bay side. Not a bad crowd for early May.

Over to Sunset Park and saw these guys. They look to be Ruddy Turnstone birds? Kathy got me a 16-300mm lens for my camera. It hasn’t come yet. Can’t wait to be able to have a zoom lens and do close ups without carrying a bunch of equipment around.

Our selfie down the shore.

I missed this history sign and Kathy got on me about it. Usually I just stop dead in our tracks (and on the highway) to read these things. 

A great day and way to celebrate my birthday! Thanks God, Kathy and Sandy!