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The one thing I really love about the Eastern Shore is the abundance of new adventures that await Kathy and I. Today we headed to Deal Island. Lots to see here. Starting with a Wildlife Management Area.

We took a gravel road, passing marshes, seeing a gazillion dragon flies. They were feeding on all the mosquitoes. Looking out over the marsh.

We parked and headed across the marsh on foot. This may be duck hunters paradise.

So flat down here. There are water elevation levels throughout the island. Most read at 4″ above sea level.

A boat ramp in the middle of nowhere.

Molly lost track of where Kathy was so she headed into the water…

There she is!

A sandy path.

A place to rest and to meditate/contemplate.

Egg shells and a hole?

Molly needing a break.

And a little attention.

We leave the wildlife area and drive towards the end of Deal Island Road. A group of little communities along the way. Dames Quarters, Chance, Wenona. A couple historical markers.

Where Kathy’s family spent their summers.

Next was Deal Island Marina and beach. Molly has had enough of the water.

Best beach/trail sign ever.

A little windy but some kayakers were out.

Seafood processing – soft crab area?

Tons of oyster shells.

Heading down the road we came upon this church. Someone is trying to restore it. Google maps shows where restoration had once started but it seems to have stopped. The John Wesley Restoration Project.

Not too much further to the end. Another marina of sorts. Crab bushels waiting.

Many abandoned work houses. The water men and their businesses are dying off.

It looks like this bank has been converted into someone’s home.

A gargoyle to protect it.

And then, at the end of the road…

Heading back we decided to take the ferry.

Warning sign.

Ever vigilant.

On the other side of the Wicomico River.

Happy thoughts.

Another great adventure!