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Kathy’s friend from many years ago is in town so we asked if she would like to go kayaking with us? Off to Leonard’s Mill Pond we went. Kathy and Lisa strategizing our adventure.

Lisa waiting for us.

As we leave the smaller portion of the pond, where the visitor center is.

Under the bridges of Rte. 13 to the open water of the pond.

Idle canoes and kayaks.

A fork in the road, so to speak. Looking at a map before heading out, the left (north branch) goes to another pond (Williams Mill). That will be our route. The south branch looked like it just fizzles out in the woods.

Waiting to attack.

Heron to the left and unsuspecting kayakers to the right.

At the last minute he flew off.

We’ve never seen this many turtles in one day before.

X-Men Turtle.

The small guy jumped on the big guys back and the big turtle started clapping.

This guy has stuff growing on his back.

The north branch splits up into 2 other branches. The right side was guarded by geese. Lisa took this way. Up a ways you can cross thru to the left side. We went back and forth through the trees.

Kathy used the inflatable kayak again today. I was surprised at how tough it is. There are quite a few semi-submerged branches and trees in the water.

Heading through the trees.

The trees and reflections just sort of merge together. Seems like we are just floating in air.

Up ahead, the end or a new beginning?

Three pipes. Can we fit?

No we can not. But we needed to get out to look at what is on the other side.

Park the kayaks and head up the hill to the road (Williams Mill Road).

Williams Mill Pond. With launch area! New adventures await!

Time to head back.

Some sights along the return trip.

A Ducks Unlimited hidden camera.

Back towards open water.

The wind had picked up and it was a lot of work to get back.


Under the highway were a lot of barn swallows. Making it through without incident.

At the launch site.

The map of our trip. It was just over 2-1/2 miles round trip. Great day with a new friend and another new adventure!