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Headed out this morning to go to a Delmarva artifacts display in Cambridge, at the Dorchester Heritage Museum. Some guy spent a lifetime collecting Indian arrowheads and other tools. 6,000 or so of them. Between Salisbury and Cambridge is Vienna, on the Nanticoke River. There are a couple places I would really like to kayak in that area, so I detoured off onto Rte. 331 in hopes of finding a boat launch somewhere on that side of the river. Kathy and I try to stay away from large open areas of water. We prefer the small creeks and rivers. To follow the river I turned off 331 and onto Indiantown Road. Soon I crossed over the creek I was looking for. It is called Chicone and there was nowhere to park or launch by this little bridge. I continued on and came across this sign…

As good as place as any to turn around. Looked over and saw this building…

There was a car parked there so I thought I would check it out. Met a man named John Lewis, from Baltimore. (He works at Baltimore Magazine – small world!) He is on the Board of Trustees to preserve and restore this building. He filled me in on a lot of information and instead of me getting it all wrong trying to remember what he said, check out the history here: http://www.restorehandsell.org We had a very interesting talk. Here are some more photos of the structure.

As I said, I was actually looking for a place to launch a couple of kayaks and mentioned that to John. He pointed to the woods and told me to head that way. So I did. Had to cross thru an RC Airplane field. They like to buzz the plane right overhead and cut the engine off so you have to look up to see if you are about to get whacked! (Whacked! Man, I thought I left that lingo back in Baltimore!)

Thought these were beehives, but not so sure.

And then the water. Small area and will probably be easier to get to in the fall.

Headed back and had this view. Beautiful day.

There is an Indian Lodge on the property.

These two photographs are from the National Historic Register. What it looked like before restoration work started.

After quite a while there I headed to the artifacts show. It was ok. I wished the objects would have been labelled, but still some nice pieces.

Heritage Museum
Owners initials I guess.

Left Cambridge and headed to Trappe, to the Unicorn Bookstore. Great old book store. Below is the bridge over the Choptank River. The smaller bridge in front was a drawbridge, now a fishing pier. How many people remember getting held up for what seemed like hours when heading to Ocean City and the drawbridge was up!

Just a cute doggie photo of Molly cause people like to look at doggie photos more than history photos!!

Thanks for looking! Sorry Kathy didn’t make this trip with me…