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Kathy and I figured we would get at least a couple days of biking and hiking in before the weather took a turn for the worse (Hurricane Dorian). Chincoteague is always a favorite spot. First we biked over to the Bivalve Trail on the bay side.

Playing in storm drain
Kathy’s sister Gail’s bike. Kathy likes this one better.
Snails in high tide
Don’t tread on me.
Upside down in the grass. Grass cuts your legs up!
Reading Naturalist on the Nanticoke. Full chapter on these guys
Kathy’s photo of the Roy Orbison bug.
This was all dry last week.

Then we headed over to the ocean.

The female carries a male, digs a shallow hole for her eggs then tosses the male onto the eggs to do his thing. Then they go their separate ways. This group didn’t make it.
A bunch of trees with sea shell ornaments.

Packed up and headed through town to see if we could find a decoy carver’s shop. No luck but found this old house – Sign on left says: Capt. Timothy Hill House. Islands oldest home. 1800. Another sign says privately owned, visitors welcome.

Great day for the bike and beach.