May 20, 1947 to May 20, 1948 – Book: City of Baltimore Maryland Report to the Citizens of Baltimore by Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., Mayor. Paper bound pamphlet on shelf. This is the mayors’ first report to the public after his first year in office. He lists all the department heads, such as: Leon Small, Water Engineer. The mayor notes various projects that are underway. Note of interest (Not about water though):


Late last year after the Colts had completed their first season, it became evident that the club would have to be refinanced if Baltimore was to retain its franchise in the All American Conference. The situation presented a challenge to civic and sports-minded citizens and we are happy to report that the response to that challenge was satisfactory. Some thirty business men were invited to my office to discuss the situation. After long discussion there and several committee meetings this group of public spirited men obtained promises from the league for strengthening the local team. On that basis they then produced the necessary financing to put the club on stable footing and assure a successful future. Out of this crisis and its solution came something rather unique in the sports world – a professional football club owned and operated entirely by local interests. 


A gentleman by the name of Howard Crook was on the Pension board. C. Markland Kelly was the president of the City Council at that time. Paul Holland was the Director of Public Works. He oversaw the work of 11 bureaus. Book contains before and after photos of street resurfacing. Old and new type trash trucks.