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Here is another history folder that I recently documented that goes with the times:


1959 thru 1962 – File Folder No. 1497: Christmas gift letters. It is unbelievable what the water engineers received as Christmas gifts during their employment. This list only covers three years. There are business cards attached along with notes and delivery receipts. Received were: chocolates (Wright Contracting Co. and Newton Co.), diary (Consolidated Engineers), pencil holder (Ruth Engineering), liquor and hot dish holder (Brooklyn Engineering), ‘wet goods’ and ham (Frank Angelozzi), gift basket (Matricciani Co.), cooler (Arundel Corp.), fluid remembrance and flowers (RK&K), whiskey (San Joe Construction Co., Spiniello Constr., Forest Co., Lock Joint Pipe Co., Masonry Resurfacing and Constr. Co., RKK, Alpine Constr., Cohen and Ass., and Square Constr. Co.), liquor and cigars (Peters Co. twice, Iacoboni and Sons 2x), lighter and cigarette box (Gill-Simpson Electric), diary and travel guide (Woody of Kahn Electric Co.), good cheer “…it will do much to add to my enjoyment during the holidays.” (Woody), delicacies (Atherholt, Brinton and Glover 2x), subscription to Coronet magazine (Wilson and Sons), ham (Wright Contracting and Matz, Childs and associates 2x), coffee maker and liquor (Gill-Simpson Electric), pears (WRA 3x), executive record and travel guide (Woody), clock (Arundel Corp.), desk diary (AP Smith Mfgr.), pitcher (Panitz), ham and champagne (Matricciani 2x), pen (Ruth Engr.), basket of whiskey (Lock Joint 2x), desk caddy (Leopold), ham and liquor (Regester consultants), turkey (Matricciani and Forest Co.), book (Arundel Corp.), desk calendar (Smith Mfgr.), Fruit cake!! (Gray Concrete Pipe 2x!!), candy (Mercantile Safe Deposit and Trust 2x and RKK), subscription to the ‘Saturday Evening Post’ (Herman Born and Sons), atlas (Atherholt), carving set (Arundel Corp.), turkey and whiskey (Wright Contr.), Rancho Lynn apples (Smith-Blair Inc.), traveling clock (Arundel Corp.), ham and fluid remembrances (Wright Co.), monetary contribution to Bucknell University (Atherholt), monetary contribution to Catholic Charities, Community Chest, Red Cross and the Associated Jewish Charities (Kahn), floral centerpiece (RK&K), Franciscan dinnerware (Lock Joint Pipe), subscription to ‘Look’ magazine (Wilson and Sons), smoking set (Panitz), cocktail shaker (Foley), barometer (Arundel Corp.), Bodine book, ‘The Face of Maryland’ (Arundel), tray of hors d’vours (Panitz), cheese (Foley), Christmas decorations and spirits (Forest Co.), oranges and grapefruits (Breesee and Gray), guest for dinner and spirits (Masonry Resurfacing Const. Co.).

            December 21, 1962 letter from Schuerholz to Langenfelder and Son, Inc. returning a gift certificate in the amount of $100 to be used at Hamburger’s (Men’s clothing store). He writes, “…I do not feel justified in accepting a gift certificate of this magnitude. I am retaining the money clip in which it was delivered; this will serve as a remembrance of your thoughtfulness.” It was returned via registered mail.

            Side note: In January 2009, both Mayor Sheila Dixon and Councilwoman Holton were indicted on bribery charges stemming from them receiving gifts from a contractor.