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A poem which appeared, under the signature of “Old Fashioned,”

in the Federalsburg “Times” 1956:

 This Business of our Water surely makes me think

Of “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.”

So said the Ancient Mariner; let’s do as he would do:

Let’s keep our water undefiled or what he says come true.

Our Water Works for many years provided fine, pure bubbles,

Then they put the chlorine in to give us stomach troubles.

Now Sodium Fluoride is good for teeth, they say,

They would put it in the water to stop our tooth decay,

But I have a  suggestion and my logic is correct;

Why not Citrate of Magnesia for medicinal effect?

Why Not Scotch or Bourbon  piped to every house and home

And in the heat of summer, nice cool beer with lots of foam ?

The danger, Friend, of puttin’ in is not knowing where to stop,

And I, an Ancient Mariner, would forget it, drop by drop.

For with water, water everywhere,  I  have  a  right  to think

What once was fine, pure wa­ter is no longer fit to drink.

Please Mister, make me happy; leave what I drink alone,

And when decay has got my teeth I’ll buy dentures of my own.