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1830 report

January 15, 1830 Report of the Water Committee to the City Council of Baltimore. This report was the result of the joint session of 1829, to enquire “…the best mode of furnishing every part of the City, in the most ample manner with a never failing supply of pure, clear and wholesome water…” Report starts with a history on the aqueducts of Carthage, Rome, London, etc., noting the inadequate supply given by the ‘Water Company’, “Charged with the important duty of pointing out to the City Council the best method of supplying the City with [water], the committee, aided by that skilful engineer and excellent citizen, Capt. Louis Brantz, who politely and patriotically tendered his services free of compensation, proceeded to the examination of the three streams, from one of which it was evident, the desired supply must be drawn.” The Gwynn’s Falls was recommended. The report concludes with a resolution proposed to both branches of the City Council. Note inserted into report suggests that this report was sold for $2 to a commissioner in 1947 and ended up in the water department in 1952. Purchased again for $4.00