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From the 1887 Annual Report of the City Commissioners – This, perhaps, has, as much as any other subject connected with the sewerage of cities, occupied the attention of inventors. Many plans have been devised, from time to time, and for which patents have been granted, for the construction of a perfectly sealed trap. Now, the bad features of all inlets I have yet seen, or know of, are done away with by the simple and comparatively inexpensive contrivance patented by one of the attaches of this office, Mr. Charles P. Kahler. By resolutions of your honorable body, two of these traps have been placed in the inlets to Howard street sewer, at the intersection of Conway and Howard Streets, and at the corner of Camden and Howard streets, which are working clearly up to the degree of efficiency claimed for them by the inventor. I have no hesitation in recommending this invention for adoption. Mr. Kahler can explain the principle involved in his trap more fully to those who may call on him than could be done in this report. A cut representing the improved inlet is annexed.


CityCommissioner 1872-1887

No. 1–Longitudinal section of Inlet.

No. 2–Section of valve or door with gum packing.

No. 3–Section through A. B.

No. 4–Section through C D.

M—Water mains.