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Here are two monuments that have disappeared:


There are over 200 of these replicas in 39 states in the U.S. and several of its possessions and territories. The project was the brainchild of Kansas City businessman, J.P. Whitaker, who was then Scout Commissioner of the Kansas City Area Council. The copper statues were manufactured by Friedley-Voshardt Co. (Chicago, IL) and purchased through the Kansas City Boy Scout office by those wanting one. All were erected in the early 1950’s by Boy Scout troops and others to celebrate Scouting’s 40th anniversary theme, “Strengthen the Arm of Liberty.”

As can be seen, her “Arm” is missing. And she is missing. After about a year of searching, found out that the contractor working on Mervo School, scrapped her.

Below shows the missing monument to Adam. There was one built for Adam and one for Eve in the 1920s. Eve is where she always has been (private property) but Adam is gone. He was at a house where Bowley’s Lane and Philadelphia road met. That is now Route 40 and Morarvia. There are a few businesses there and no one I talked to in the surrounding neighborhood or businesses know anything about it.