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Here is a 1916 map of the Geological Survey showing the proposals of Senators Ogden and Campbell. They each had their own ideas on how Baltimore should look back then.


I like how this map shows the reservoirs and the water supply conduits. Of interest to me is the reservoir at Philadelphia Rd. and the Mt Royal Reservoir. There was another Mt Royal one built in 1845. This new one received a name change for some reason.

1845 Original Mount Royal Reservoir:  Started construction of a new reservoir on the east side of Jones Falls above the Belvedere Bridge.

1846 Original Mount Royal Reservoir: The new reservoir replaced the old reservoir located on Calvert Street, and in addition, supplied water to the section of the City east of Jones Falls.  The new reservoir was 18 feet deep, with seven acres of water surface, and a capacity of 15 million gallons.  According to the Maryland Historical Trust Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties Form for the City of Baltimore, Loch Raven Dam, submitted to MHT 1-17-96, this 15 million gallon reservoir was also known as Mount Royal Reservoir.  This Mount Royal Reservoir was built near the location known in the year 1996 as Pennsylvania Station. By 1862, this Mount Royal Reservoir would be abandoned; and, the name of the Mount Royal Reservoir would be transferred to a new reservoir at a different location. (From early water history notes, R. Vann)