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After returning from Ocean City, we loaded up the kayaks and headed to Goat Island on the Pocomoke River, Snow Hill Md. Byrd Park was nicely deserted and the water was calm.

It was high tide. The water was up the ramp into the parking lot.

And there she be – Goat Island.

What have we here? Goat’s name and address?

It was about a 1/2 mile paddle to circumnavigate the island – I felt like Magellan!

Goat house – but no goat. Didn’t see a single goat. Well, to be fair, I think there is only one living there.

After the island we headed to the Rte. 12 drawbridge. No going under that. You need to give them a five hour notice to have it raised.

On the other side there is a kayak rental place. There were quite a few people on that side (we saw them as we were crossing back over the bridge leaving)

Heading down or was it up? the river.

Buoy markers, open water and lilly-pads is what we pretty much saw for the near three hours we were out there. And that was fine by me. Peaceful.

Although a smell did lead us here – the waste water treatment plant.