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Saturday evening was a nice time to take a short hike at Marshy Point Park. Little did we know at the time, we would see these same spots on our kayak adventure the next day, from a different perspective.

Looking out from the dock at the osprey nest and footbridge.

Walking along you come to an overlook and you really have to look over to see.

The footbridge to other trails. Molly and Kathy waiting patiently for me to catch up…before it gets dark.

From the footbridge, looking towards Dundee Creek.

A trail we have never taken. 1/2 mile we should be able to complete before the sun goes down and they lock us in.

The paths are pretty well maintained.

A stool with a tree growing around its legs.

Where mud may be, they built these little walk ways.

A camping area.

A path back to the water.

A red-wing blackbird making noise.

View from the path. We will get up close and personal here tomorrow.

Not sure who this is.

Love new growth just popping up.


Part of a swamp. Never did see the pond.

Here comes the darkness.

Mr Owl, are you in there?

Nope, I’m in here. Kathy said he was caged up because he is blind in one eye.

FYI a map of the trails. There are a lot of them here and we have only been to a couple.