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First off, I would like to thank the team @KayakingDelmarva for writing and documenting their trips/adventures to places I had no idea about. Because of them, Kathy and I have been able to follow their paths on our own adventures. Thank you!

I had previously written about Trap Pond a while ago when we were looking for a new place to hike, but because it was $8 to enter, we passed. Seems crazy to pay to go hiking. Kayaking and use of a boat launch is worth it though.

In the above photo is a yellow sign to the left:

The water was nasty looking and we did everything in our power not to touch it!

We followed the shore, passing the camping sites, into the first creek.

Dead end
Floating root system of lily-pads

Turned around and headed back along the shore, occasionally heading out into the open water, then back into the cypress.

Lots of turtles

Kathy took some nice pics of the flowers and nature, adorning her kayak.

And of course me photo-bombing her pics!

We then headed into another creek. A sign says this is Terrapin Branch. On Google maps it is noted as Thompson Branch. Lots of signs pointing you in the right direction.

Only became aware of this guy because of all the noise he was making.

Water still green back here

Various nests (or spy cameras?). Also odd markings on trees. Looks like scrapings from falling trees maybe?

Uh-oh! End of the road? A fallen tree in the way. There were a lot of trees down but for the most part, people had cut them out of the way.

My kayak will fit under, but I won’t.

So, I tried backing up and going full speed, to get my kayak to leap over it! No luck – just bounced off!

Time to turn around and go back.

He saw us first.
Turtle very still – “Please don’t look at me!”
“Are you looking at me?”
Cypress reflections

After about 4 hours out there, back to the launch. It will take quite a while to clean the kayaks off.

Nice pond to say the least!

Our path. Not really sure of the ending point only because I had no GPS signal. Very nice day. Thanks God for another great one!