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Eden Mill


It is a typical mill on a typical creek in Maryland. Maryland had many of these years ago. This one still stands and I have been to it many times to take photographs. When I look through my camera and put it into focus, I focus on more than just the building. I focus on the history of this building. For me, it is not a matter of taking a lot of pictures then rushing home to hurry up and put them on Facebook. (Then keep checking FB  every 10 minutes to see who commented. Yes – guilty!) I see something that I’m grateful to be able to see.

Back in Baltimore’s water history, between 1910-1930, there were many consultants and engineers hired to help the City find new sources of water. One of the recommendations was to build a dam, at what is called the ‘Rocks’ on Deer Creek, right where the Ma & Pa train tracks were. The dam would have a crest elevation of 540′. The top of the Eden Mill, pictured above, is at 535′ which means that the mill would have ended up under water and people from 1940 on would not have been able to see it.

So, the next time you take a picture of an older building, dam, bridge, etc., think of its history and not how fast you can upload to FB!!