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In 1881 the Permanent Supply started delivering water to Baltimore City, to help supplement the failing Jones Falls. Over the next few years, the Jones Falls would become so bad that  larger reservoirs would be needed. Especially after the annexation of 1888. Plans started to take shape in 1904, after the Big Fire, to increase Loch Raven. And because of pollution, Baltimore started testing various forms of filtration.

These photos epitomize the sanitation conditions of our rivers and streams, and why water sources were failing:

Contamination  418











Testing forms of filtration at both Montebello and Loch Raven gatehouses:

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New pumping stations and reservoirs were built and/or their water redirected. Mt Royal no longer was receiving water from the Jones Falls, but from the Gunpowder Falls, via pumping stations.  Below is the Mount Royal Reservoir, followed by the High Service Reservoir at Pimlico and below that the Eastern Pumping Station, which pumped water from Clifton to Guilford.