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My original intention, to post on here, was to do so in chronological order, the building of Baltimore’s Sewage and Storm-Water systems. But, as can be seen in the tables below, a lot was going on all at one time. So the photographs and comments will be scattered. My new book will not be, hopefully!

The information that I present here comes from a wide variety of reports that I have read and sorted out. A couple years ago I was asked to document the archives from the Public Works Museum in Baltimore. I also was asked to move these archives to another location, which I have done. The artifacts, files, photographs, etc were stored in a fairly haphazard way. Scanning, photographing, reading, inventory, documenting….well, this is what I do.

So much information and so little time!

From the 1908 Annual Report: It is reported that the City has saved upwards of $1 million on construction cost due to breaking the work up into smaller portions so the competition for bidding would be greater. List of contracts and contractors.