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I was recently asked to do a brief history for the Friends of Herring Run Park, concerning the history of DPW activity in the park. More specifically – What is up with those concrete structures in the park that have pipes sticking out of them? They are air relief vaults for the Susquehanna pipeline. So, instead of a brief, one line answer, I decided to give them a Readers Digest version for the building of the Susquehanna pipeline.
As in most cases, when doing basic research, I always get distracted with other history facts I find. The story of my life (Well, the story of my life is another book I wrote, which is out of print. Too many people disagree with what I wrote about MY life and MY memories. I did however see a copy on Amazon for $354.00! Ha!)(See what I mean about getting distracted!!)
Anyway, I came across the below 1854 report that mentions Herring Run as a possible source of water for the City of Baltimore. If not a source, then possibly build a reservoir there. The author of the report, Alfred Duvall, who signs the report as a ‘Practical Engineer’ also suggests a reservoir on Tiffany Run, which is a stone’s throw away from Herring Run. By 1875 they decided on Tiffany Run for the new reservoir, that would be filled via tunnel from Loch Raven.


Duvall’s 1854 report. Interesting read.


Tiffany Run, prior to the 1875-1881 construction of Lake Montebello


Lake Montebello soon after construction. Gatehouse to the left received water from Loch Raven, where a dam was built during the same years.