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When not doing my regular job, I document archives and museum objects. Recently thinking of my retirement in a few years, I started to wonder what will happen to most of the stuff I have stored in a large garage at work. Most of the water archives were almost thrown out many years ago, but I stashed them away for a couple decades. So, with my leaving, what will happen to it? No one really knows or knows what to tell me. Some of the artwork doesn’t even belong to the City, so I decided to get in touch with the artist to see what they wanted me to do with it.

First up is Bobbi Mastrangelo who has a collection of manhole cover art. Both sculptures and art prints. I found her thru a Google search and we have been in contact for the past couple weeks. She will see first how to relocate the work and if she has no luck, I will ask around to see who may want to display or purchase the works. Below is a sampling of her work.

One of my favorites. Eureka Water American Flag.

Another favorite. I think this one is called – Sparkling Blue Waters. (Mixed Media Relief) Some of the names I am unsure of. They have been stored at Back River WWTP for about 20 years. The transfer of loan paperwork is a mess.

The Great Wall Medallion.

Twin Waters.



Another sculpture. People Start-Stop Pollution.

A few of these I had trouble photographing. The lights in the building are a mixture of incandescent, sodium vapor and fluorescent. I snapped off 20 before looking at them on the computer and realized they were all really yellow. I brought into work my good camera and messed with the white balance but still had trouble getting it right?? Any tips on this kind of lighting?

Here is Bobbi’s website if you are interested in her work: http://www.grateworks.com/