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 NASSAWANGO IRON FURNACE:From 1828-1850 the Nassawango Iron Furnace was in its heyday. Many workers – miners, sawyers, colliers, molders, draymen, and bargemen – labored to make iron. They gathered bog ore from Nassawango swamp, brought clam and oyster shells up the canal via the Pocomoke River from the Chesapeake Bay, and made charcoal in the Pocomoke Forest. These raw materials were loaded into the Iron Furnace from the top, heated to 3,000 degrees, and the two resulting liquids were drawn off at the bottom of the furnace. Slag was cooled and tossed into the swamp. Iron was poured into molds and loaded onto barges which were towed down the canal by mule to waiting ships for transport to Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York.


It was closed! Closed on October 31st.


Left there and went to Milburn Landing on the Pocomoke. Glad I don’t have to rake all those leaves!


The landing. A couple reviews I read said it doesn’t get crowded. Kayak time!


After that we found an abandoned golf course – Nassawango. The club house.


Leader board?


I prefer Putt-Putt


But I don’t remember seeing one of these at Putt-Putt? Ball warmer?


Then heading back to the farm we spotted a couple eagles – and this is why I’m not an animals in nature photographer!


Inside the barn. Nice visit with Kathy’s family.