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Spent Easter with Kathy’s family down on the Eastern Shore. Always a great time. On the drive home we stopped at a couple places.

The first being just outside of Easton. This is one of those historical markers that you go flying by and have a hard time pulling over to read. But we did.

This is a little church (meeting house) and cemetery. Also where the first peaches in Maryland were planted.

Another little cemetery behind the house.

Yes they are.

Then we headed to Terrapin Park on the Chesapeake. This is always a great walk. We started on the outer loop, walked the beach and then took the inner paths back to the lot. There were a lot of cars in the lot but not sure where all the people were? This was on a bench.

Hard to get Sid Vicious to pose.

Alien markings on a piece of driftwood.

Nice little bridge.

Driftwood with drift nail.

Fire wood?

Cement cylinders along the shore.

Looking for other dogs to terrorize.

Adrift? Was hoping it would come our way but it seemed to be anchored down.

Wishing to dandelion seeds, spreading across the park…

Property next to the farm. Potential for a new home to be built…the steps are there!