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Between the work on our houses and going to Salisbury, yesterday was our first opportunity to take a hike. A little over-cast but a very nice day. The map shows we walked about 3-1/2 miles on the Little Gunpowder Trail, starting at Jerusalem Mill.

We headed thru the field to first look at the progress of the old stone structure. Not much done.

From there onto the Jericho Covered Bridge.

Interior of bridge.

Since this was a short walk, we decided to follow the road for a bit instead of taking the other trail back. Here is a roadside attraction.

Overlooking the stream. 

A nice ice floe with some blue ice.

Beavers getting their fill. First time I have seen a double gnawing on a tree?

Another view of the ice floe.

A small stream feeding into the Falls.

And what do we have here?

An old mill race. Kathy could see that I was excited to see this, so she prodded me on for us to go down there and take a look. 

So we did. Molly wasn’t too enthused about this. Ice hanging off the rocks.

The mill race valve structure (More later on the mill)

Molly was pretty much done with walking on the ice, so I picked her up and still managed to get some photos while Kathy was taking my pic.

Out of the mill and headed farther south. Sign about the town of Franklinville.

Nice place to be.

Passing thru Franklinville and onto the old iron bridge.

From the bridge. Looking north.

Then looking south. Kathy took a great photo of this. Hoping she shares soon!

Time to head back. Saw this guy on the way.

A leaf left its mark in the asphalt, with the help of a lot of salt.

This is a long narrow road. Most drivers were very cautious approaching us. Nice fence.

The covered bridge from the west side.

Molly back on the ice, floating around.

If you are still long enough, you can hear the ice crack.

How much longer can this tree hold on?

Jerusalem Mill road. Bridge over stream.

Later I will write about the history portion of our hike. Some interesting stuff!!