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The last couple of times we visited this park, last summer, we were unable to hike the trails – too many people and too many cars in the parking lot. It was packed. I like that people and families go to the parks to enjoy themselves, I just don’t like it when large groups of people set up camp and stay all day – not allowing others to enjoy the park. It was so bad last summer, that the park service had to install Spot-o-Pots along the beach path. Here is our path:

It was a short hike. We just wanted to see and enjoy the Bay.

Along the Cross Island Trail, we stopped long enough to enjoy some of the beauty that is all around us.

Hitting the beach, our first view is of a ship going under the Bay Bridge. I don’t know how many times we travelled over that bridge and saw anywhere from 4 to 12 ships just parked on the other side. This is the first time we saw one actually heading to points north.

We always did want a home on the Eastern Shore!

The recent storms that we had, left a lot of debris up on the dunes. And some along the beach.

I have my doubts that this was washed up on shore, along with a cantaloupe a few yards away. 

Constantly shifting, in and out of the pond.

Along with all the debris and driftwood, were some casualties from the storms – like this poor little fellow.

And this guy.

And another.

The breakwater walls seem to have broken.


Waiting for its tenants. 

A few areas have eroded away along the beach. Nature just does her thing…