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The temperature was heading into the mid to upper 70’s, so we headed out to kayak at Wetipquin Creek, off the Nanticoke River. We were a couple miles from here when we went fishing.

The boat ramp is nice and extends far into the water. Head to the right and go under the Wetipquin Rd. bridge.

Some pics from Kathy before starting to kayak.

Start our adventure and Kathy stops to look at the Big screen TVs.

I like this one of Kathy’s

Time to head under the bridge. Kind of on a tilt but high enough to easily get under.

We soon come to a fork in the creek. Left will take us up the Wetipquin and right onto the Tyaskin Creek. We headed right.

Saw this boat and was wondering how they get under the bridge we just passed under?

I think we missed most of the fall foliage, but still very beautiful and peaceful.

Fooling around with the mistletoe. Amazing how this stuff grows right out of the tree.

Saw two bird boxes and the tops were missing off of both of them.

Approaching Deep Branch Rd. bridge. Looks low…

…but not too low!

On the other side and checking out up stream a little ways.

Kathy waiting for me back at the bridge, taking photos.


Waiting for me to catch up.

Back under Wetipquin bridge, heading to the Nanticoke.

We didn’t see any wildlife until we headed to open water.

Geez Kathy, what are you doing to that boy?

Meet my new friend – Buoy, Jim Buoy!

Our path. A beautiful day on the water! Thanks God!